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You will need to complete the following steps to nominate as a candidate for a Local Government election:

  1. confirm that you are eligible to nominate by ticking each of the declarations on this page,
  2. complete your nomination form and profile details online,
  3. print and sign the nomination form and have it witnessed,
  4. hand deliver the nomination form and profile details with your deposit to the Returning Officer before the close of nominations.

It is important to note that completing the nomination form online does not nominate you as a candidate for a local government election. To submit a valid nomination you, or your authorised agent, will still need to meet with the Returning Officer in person and hand in a printed, signed form.

Some of the information you supply will be used by WAEC to provide electors with information about you. Once your nomination has been formally accepted by the Returning Officer, your contact details will be published on the Local Government's website. After the draw for positions on the ballot paper has been conducted, your contact details will also be published, which includes appearing on the WAEC's website, and in a printed form attached to the ballot paper sent to the relevant electors. The details that are published are:

  • your name as you wish it to appear on the ballot paper;
  • the local government district (and ward if applicable) for which you are nominating;
  • any contact details you choose to publicise;
  • your 800 character candidate profile and your optional photograph.

Other information that you provide on your nomination form is used only for internal purposes in order to validate and process your nomination. If you have any privacy concerns, please contact the Western Australian Electoral Commission on 13 63 06 or 9214 0400 for advice. You can obtain further information from the Privacy Commissioner - website, telephone: 1300 363 992, e-mail:


I declare that:

Online Nomination

(you must tick all declaration items above before continuing)

1Who is an enrolled elector

You are an enrolled elector of the Local Government district if you are eligible to be included on the electoral roll for that Local Government district. However it is not sufficient if you are only eligible to be on the roll as the nominee of a body corporate which owns or occupies property in the district.

You need not be an elector in the ward in which you nominate.


You are disqualified for membership of a council if you:

  • are a member of the Legislative Assembly, the Legislative Council, the House of Representatives or the Senate (or have been elected as such a member but have not yet taken office); or
  • are a member of the council of another local government; or
  • are an insolvent under administration; or
  • are in prison serving a sentence for a crime; or
  • have been convicted of a serious local government offence within the last 5 years (unless the court waived the disqualification); or
  • have been convicted of an offence for which the indictable penalty was or included —
    (i) imprisonment for life; or
    (ii) imprisonment for more than 5 years;
  • are subject to a court order disqualifying you from being a member of a council because you have misapplied local government funds or property.

3Eligibility to nominate as a councillor

You are not eligible to nominate as a councillor if you are:

  • a member of the council (unless your term of office expires on election day); or
  • a candidate in another election for the office of councillor.
[Tick the declaration if you are nominating for Mayor or President.]

4Course of induction

The course of induction is the course titled Induction for prospective candidates made available on the Department's official website. You are required to provide the date of completion and your reference number from completing the course. The reference number is the number that is emailed to the nominee on completion of the course.